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Gameplanpress is offering a D&D point buy 5e calculator that you can use to calculate the ability score of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition

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5e point buy calculator


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Attribute Ability Score Racial Bonus Total Score Ability Modifier Point Cost
+ 0 = 8 -1 0
+ 0 = 8 -1 0
+ 0 = 8 -1 0
+ 0 = 8 -1 0
+ 0 = 8 -1 0
+ 0 = 8 -1 0
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Adjust the numbers below if your DM uses House Rules for the Point Buy system.
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Maximum Purchasable Attribute Before Bonuses
Minimum Purchasable Attribute Before Bonuses

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Gameplanpress is offering a DnD point buy 5e calculator that you can use to calculate the ability score of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. We are committed to providing the community of DnD 5e with this easy-to-use calculator. This DnD 5e point buy calculator will help you easily count the ability score. The 5e point buy calculator will include strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma attributes. You can calculate the ability score for each of these attributes with a single click. Unlike most websites, we’re offering flexibility to our users to further enhance their experience on our website. For beginners, here a quick guide. A score that is anywhere around 18 is considered low and points around 27 are considered standard and if you have more than 32 points then it will be considered as high points. Keep this in mind that each race has different ability points at the start of each game. DnD 5e point buy calculator will provide you with the stats of each race.

What’s DnD 5e Point Buy Calculator?

If you’re new to DnD then you’d be wondering what’s the purpose of DnD 5e Point buy calculator? The answer is quite simple. The DnD 5e Point Buy calculator is a simple tool that allows the users to easily build a character with point buy without getting themselves involved in all the math.

  • The 5e point buy calculator will allow you to select any race and then put in the points and start calculating the ability score. Keep adding the stat points and edit them whenever you want while also increase the ability score for your character.
  • You will be notified when you reach the max limit of the points. Some of the perks that the DnD 5e point buy calculator includes easy to use menu, clearly mentioned lower, standard, and high points and limits for each race, add racial points and much more.