Our Story

How We Got Started and Where We're Going

In her role as a literary agent, Maryann Karinch sometimes received high quality manuscripts that were short--too short to be considered full-length books by her contacts in the publishing community. She noticed a commonality among these authors: a sincere desire to share how-to information. They were authors with impressive expertise, who had track records of success, but they did not feel that expanding their work would improve it or give readers more value.

GamePlan Press, Inc. was founded to bring that quality, how-to information to people who need it in eBook format. We soon discovered, however, that many people asked for print versions of the book. It was a good lesson: When it comes to a book with an emphasis on lessons learned, techniques to improve performance, skills development, and other guidance from experts, many people enjoy and demand a paper copy.

We have all benefited tremendously from mentors--and that is how many of our authors see themselves. They are sharing their guidance, insights, and stories with you to help you solve problems and create opportunities.


GamePlan Press has recently taken on new challenges and opportunities by venturing into the worlds of paperback rights and translation rights. Our first success, which occurred in November 2018, was working with a Taiwanese partner to bring Ethan Gutmann’s The Slaughter to the millions of Taiwanese people who read Mandarin.