8 Blocks: The Critical Realities for Growing Any Business BY Paul Schwada


When you need to grow a business, the real question is, "What's going to work for me?" The shape of your opportunities is defined by your unique situation. You may have learned how to innovate, but does growth in your business require innovation? You may be managing brilliantly, now what will you do with it? How will you define your best opportunities and align your efforts to pursue them intelligently? 8 Blocks gives you a practical framework for doing just that. It identifies the eight critical realities every business--new or old, big or small--must define and act on in order to have a credible shot at growth.

Paul Schwada's experience in business development spans markets on six continents. He has worked with a broad range of business, from startups to old establishments, from manufacturers to software developers.As the managing partner of the Chicago-based consulting firm Locomotive Solutions, Paul applies practical insights gains from a long history of work inside corporations with the objectivity of an external collaborator. He helps clients around the world find, and take, the best path forward.